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Susanne Nelson and Associates provides workshops, presentations and education to teachers, professionals and caregivers around areas related to Autism Spectrum Disorders.  We aim to share relevant, practical and innovative ideas, strategies and resources they have learnt from working within the Autism field.

At SNAA, we recognise that children with an ASD can present uniquely and do not necessarily behave the same way or demonstrate the same skills as what has been written in textbooks or articles. Using our sound knowledge of ASD, our presentations explore how facets of ASD can impact on student’s development and their roles as a child, sibling, student and friend, striving to assist those surrounding the child to understand and appreciate the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what to do’!

SNAA is able to provide a range of presentations relevant to your community, including specifically tailored packages or more general discussions around areas related to ASD. We are a flexible service and can adapt and devise individualised packages to meet the needs of specific students in your setting.  SNAA presentations can range from one off information sessions with a small group to a series of workshops for larger staff bodies centered on key areas associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Many groups choose for SNAA to present during  staff  meetings  or  outside  school  hours  to  maximize  staff involvement and participation.

SNAA has previously presented to groups on areas including:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: What does this diagnosis really mean?
  • Engaging in the curriculum:  Engaging children with an ASD in the academic curriculum
  • Teamwork:  What are the key ingredients for a successful team?
  • Transition: Making the transition process a successful one
  • Group work: What role does executive functioning play?
  • Play times: Impact of social and emotional skills
  • Specialist classes: Coping with transitions and developing flexible thinking
  • Motor skills: Areas to consider and strategies to develop skills
  • Tailored presentations: Addressing needs specific to student’s at your school

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