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The Team


All SNAA Therapists have a minimum of two years and up to 18 years of Autism-specific experience in assessment and therapy.  Therapists are skilled in multiple therapies and will choose the therapeutic technique or combination of techniques that are most suited to each child and parent’s preferences.

We pride ourselves in providing a very comprehensive, intensive and fun filled therapy environment for your child and family.   We also make the effort to provide updated family and educational support on Autism Spectrum Disorders for you and your child’s cares / educators.  SNAA have a well-established network of referring service providers who acknowledge their expertise in the delivery of such services.

SNAA Therapists are trained to treat your child holistically, addressing their cognitive, emotional and physical needs through functional, interest, meaningful and activity based treatment. Occupational Therapy can help your child to develop the skills needed to:

  • line-of-kidsPlay with toys / activities / other children appropriately
  • Regulate their activity / attention / emotional levels
  • Become more independent in their self care skills
  • Feel confident, safe and happy in their environments
  • Reach their full potential in their development


Therapy Team


Susanne Nelson

susanne 200


As the Director of SNAA, Susanne enjoys managing her amazing Associates and seeing the fantastic results they achieve with the families and children of SNAA.  Susanne continues to treat a small caseload of children with an ASD.  She is passionate about making a difference in the child’s and family’s lives and working together with other adults to do so.  Susanne has devoted the last 22 years of her life to working with people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and has had over 18 years experience ast a Paediatric O.T.   Susanne facilitates the Camberwell Paediatric Mental Health Network and the Eastern O.T Mental Health group and is a Co-Director of SNAACS.  Outside SNAA, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, gardening, cooking, going to the football and swimming.



Jaye van Klaveren

jaye 200

Senior Associate

Jaye has worked in the both adult and paediatric settings since graduating in 2005. She commenced work for Susanne Nelson and Associates in 2009 and enjoys being part of such a dynamic and innovative team of therapists,  providing specialised support to children and their families around issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Jaye enjoys getting to know her clients and their families to better understand their world and what makes them the wonderful individuals that they are.

She believes strongly in working as a team and focusing on what is important to each child’s life.  Jaye has a special interest in continuing to support the emotional and social development of the clients she works with,  assisting those surrounding the child to achieve the best intervention possible and helping her clients reach their full potential. Jaye co-facilitates the Camberwell Paediatric Mental Health Network and is co-Director of SNAACS.



Sarah Yeates

sarah 200

Practice Manager/ Locum Clinician

Sarah has been working as an occupational therapist for 10 years and has been a part of the SNAA team since 2011. Her love of occupational therapy stems from a firm belief that everyone has a right to participate successfully in the life they want, without fear, anxiety or prejudice, and feels occupational therapy has a place in assisting people to do just this. She has successfully incorporated her work with a love of travel, starting early with a university placement in India and continuing on to working in the Royal Children’s Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.

From an early role at Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) her interest in ASD began and this continues to be where she devotes much of her time. Now based in New South Wales, Sarah provides Skype, email and phone support to SNAA families and returns to Victoria several times per year for school visits.



Jade Rothschild


Jade completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Monash University and is extremely passionate about enabling children and their families to live a more meaningful and purposeful life. Jade is enthusiastic and motivated about her work with the children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and educational/ support team surrounding them.

Her therapy is centred around the individual’s cognitive, emotional, sensory and functional needs, but also considers where the family or teaching staff member is also coming from as well. It is this holistic approach that Jade believes is most important when not only creating therapy goals, but implementing strategies and working closely together with the child’s family and school. Jade has a fun loving and caring nature and coupled with her widespread knowledge and experience, endeavours to support the child achieve their full potential.



Tara Holland

Tara Holland SNAA photoAssociate

Tara completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Occupational Therapy practice at La Trobe University. She has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies. Tara has experience with working in an ASD specialist school and in the mental health field.

Tara has a passion for working with children and adolescents of all ages and supports them to reach their full potential and achieve as much independence as possible in their daily lives. She strongly believes in the importance of working with each child’s strengths and recognising how to work with their individual characteristics of ASD. She has a special interest in the development of skills in the areas of social emotional learning, self-regulation, and anxiety management. Outside of work Tara enjoys cooking, sewing, hiking and playing the cello.



Chandni Manjee


Chandni completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at LaTrobe University and joined the SNAA team in early 2015.  Chandni has experience in paediatric private practice (home, community and school outreach) and has a passion for working with children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She loves to bring a ‘fun’ and ‘motivating’ component to her therapy sessions, incorporating the child’s interests and strengths to enable them to develop their skills and achieve their goals to become as independent as they can be. Chandni is committed to ongoing professional development to further and broaden her professional competencies and clinical expertise.  Outside of work, Chandni has a keen interest in Classical Indian Dancing and choreographing Bollywood dances.



Ruth Seow


Ruth completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree at Monash University. She is passionate about working with children with and Autism Spectrum Disorder and mental health concerns and loves supporting families and carers to find creative solutions to build skills and increase engagement in day to day life.
Ruth comes from a background of working with children with physical and intellectual disabilities, and is a strong advocate that learning and therapy opportunities occur throughout the day.  She believes that listening to the child, understanding their needs, interests and strengths is the best way to build on skills, encourage confidence and develop their self- esteem.
Outside of work, Ruth enjoys spending with friends going out to dinner, trying new things, competitive activities, throwing around a Frisbee and quilting.

Maddison Panozza


Maddi is an enthusiastic Occupational Therapist with a passion for working with children and their families. Maddi studied at La Trobe University and has worked in Early Intervention, private practice and specialist school settings in both Sydney and Melbourne. She has worked extensively with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental delays, focusing on ensuring intervention is meaningful for the child, family and support networks.

Maddi aims to develop children’s cognitive, functional, emotional, and sensory skills through engaging and motivating therapy sessions. Outside of her work, Maddi has a keen interest in sports, art, cooking and spending time with her family.



Jake Du Chateau


Jake completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at the University of Newcastle. Jake is passionate about working with children and adolescents with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to support reaching their full potential. He has experience facilitating individual and group-based therapy across a variety of environments.

Jake is committed to working closely with the child, family, teaching staff and important stakeholders to collaboratively develop meaningful goals and implement strategies. He understands the importance of utilising each individual’s strengths, interests and unique needs to enable skill development, self-confidence and independence in meaningful daily activities. Jake believes supporting the child and their family to achieve their goals in a fun and engaging way leads to best outcomes. Outside of work, Jake enjoys playing and watching various sports such as rugby and golf.



Jordana Meinrath


Jordana completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Deakin University. She is passionate about working with children of all ages and has a special interest in early intervention for those with an autism spectrum disorder.

Jordana uses a strengths based approach whilst incorporating family centred practice to enable children in their meaningful activities & roles. She loves to incorporate creativity and fun when implementing strategies to best achieve the child’s personal goals and facilitate independence.

Jordana is highly motivated to continue professional development to provide service excellence. Outside of work, Jordana loves to go camping, travel to new places and spend time with her family.



Helen Fuller


Helen completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Australian Catholic University. She has over ten years experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder within classrooms and individually. Helen uses play as a vehicle to connect with each child to work out how they learn and then draws on those strengths to achieve goals set by the child, family and school. Helen is holistic in her approach to therapy and understands the importance of working with the whole team when trying to achieve these goals.

Outside of work: Helen loves being outdoors either hiking, bike riding or kayaking. She loves going to watch Richmond play AFL and Melbourne United play basketball. She also likes making cards and jewellery for family and friends.